About Us

The St. Andre Bessette Guild is a chartered guild of the Catholic Medical Association.  Our guild was begun in 2015 at the invitation of Bishop Kevin Rhoades and continues with his guidance and support.  The Catholic Medical Association had its beginnings in the early 1930s and is a national, physician-directed organization dedicated to integrating the Catholic faith with the practice of medicine.  Physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other health care professionals are welcome to join.  Priests and religious and other non-medical professionals are welcomed as affiliate members.  The national CMA sponsors an annual educational conference with nationally recognized speakers every fall.  Summer activities include a Boot Camp for medical students and residents and a leadership conference for local and regional guild officers.  Members of our local guild participate in these national activities.  The national organization also publishes the Linacre Quarterly, a peer reviewed journal of medical ethics and provides a national voice on matters of faith and medicine.

Our local guild assists St. Joseph Regional Medical Center with the White Mass for this side of the Diocese.  This annual Mass is held in October, around the feast of St. Luke and reminds all Catholic health care workers that their vocation is intimately connected to Christ’s own healing ministry.  The many levels of medical education in our community present us with opportunities to form future Catholic health care professionals.  Guild members have spoken out on legislative and policy matters which affect our practices as Catholic physicians.  Our guild meets monthly to provide support and fellowship to our members and to plan for upcoming activities.