White Mass 2017

The White Mass is a traditional ceremony which honors those Catholics who serve in health care.  The vocation of healing is an ancient one in the Church, going back to Christ himself.  The Church’s commitment to the sick and dying has had a profound effect on Western Civilization.  Catholics religious orders established the first hospitals in the early centuries of Christianity.  In recent centuries, women religious greatly influenced the development of the profession of nursing.  In fact, the Catholic Church is the largest single provider of health care in the world.  The White Mass recognizes the many who work in Catholic health care organizations.  It also recognizes the many Catholics who work in other religious or secular settings to advance the healing mission of Christ.  It is a time to recommit ourselves to healing the whole person, body, mind and spirit, and through our compassionate care, to lead those we serve to an encounter with Christ himself.

The White Mass is usually celebrated around the feast of St. Luke, October 18th.  In recent years, the St. Andre Bessette Guild and St. Joseph Regional Medical Center have collaborated to organize the South Bend area White Mass.  Unfortunately, scheduling conflicts have caused this year’s White Mass to be postponed.  Further information will be posted soon concerning a rescheduled White Mass.